Write on the iPad, Publish on the Mac

M.G. Siegler on his writing workflow, which is kind of how I envisioned my idealised workflow (swapping the Mac for a PC though). In reality, it’s ended up a 60/40 split between writing on whichever PC device I’m using, and writing on my iPhone. Occasionally I’ll find my iPad more convenient — like if I’ve left my iPhone in a different room, or I was already reading something on the iPad. Editing is also split, although it more heavily favours the PC. My posts are a lot more short-form “micro blog” than M.G.’s, so writing on the iPhone is less limiting, and perhaps even the best tool for the job.

I do keep meaning to get a new keyboard for my iPad though. I’m not sure I’d spring for the Apple Smart Keyboard, as it’s very expensive for something I can’t imagine is that good of a keyboard, but I really liked using the last-gen Magic Keyboard with older iPads. Maybe the new version of that would be a good choice?

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