A Fossil from a Bygone Era

Mum and Dad were having a clear out, and came across this miniature, which is now the only known surviving model I painted back when I was a kid. I vaguely remember painting this, probably some time around 1996/97 as I appear to have base-coated it using the old Ultramarines Blue spray, likely to help Young Me with the white. I must have run out of Chainmail Silver, as all the metals are painted gold, except the sword, which is still blue!

I’ve no idea where this model actually came from, and I’m pretty certain it’s not by Citadel. I think it might’ve been randomly found at a car boot sale, and given to me as I was going through my “Bretonnian Period,” so people knew I was painting knights.

I should put it somewhere safe, as a bit of nostalgia. It’s the closest I’ll come to “my first miniature.” Part of me is tempted to strip the paint off it and repaint it though… hmm, decisions, decisions!