I’m having a _lot_ of fun in Hitman. I’d go so far to say it’s surpassed _Hitman 2_ as my favourite entry in the series.
_Hitman 2_ was fun to play, but I never felt there was all that much replayability. Sure, you could go back and try a different approach, but you weren’t really rewarded for it. _Hitman (2016)_ has had me replaying the same level for days at a time, trying to beat all of the Challenges, get all of the Feats, and try out all of the Opportunities.
The approach I’m taking is to max out Mastery on each level and complete all of the Challenges/Feats/Opportunities before moving onto the next level, and I think it’s been the best approach to maximise my enjoyment of the game. Once I’ve done all of the levels then I will go back and play the Escalation modes and bonus missions.
Depending how much time I have in the evenings to do this, then I might be ready for the rumoured start of Season 2 in August…

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