A few days late with this one, but hey-ho…

The Mozilla Foundation released new milestones of three of its open source applications.

The Mozilla Suite – which contains an advanced, fast and robust web browser, a simple WYSIWYG HTML tool and a secure mail client is now up to version 1.5.

Thunderbird, is a development of the mail client that comes with the Mozilla Suite. It contains many advanced features, such as intuitive anti-spam controls and is far more secure against viruses, worms and other such risks than Outlook Express. Thunderbird has now reached version 0.3.

Firebird, is a development of the web browser found in the Mzilla suite. It is fast, robust and contains many highly useful and advanced features such as find-as-you-type (find links and text on a page, simply by typing. No fiddling with menu items), tabbed browsing and extensibility in the form of extensions. Firebird also offers a high degree of standards compliance.

I like Mozilla stuff. Firebird is my default browser and Thunderbird is my mail client. Both are highly capable (and, I reckon, far better) alternatives to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Go download now, you won’t regret it!

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