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This article, over at Builder.com, a follow up to some other CSS articles, poses the question: “Should Web developers implement CSS now or wait for browser consistency?”

It’s an OK article, intended to expose the divisions between web developers over CSS. Nothing too brilliant though.

However, the best part has to be the discussion thread at the end of the article… Which includes one guy who is absolutely set that CSS is nothing more than meaningless hype (he compares it to XML…) and that those that advocate the use of CSS-P over tables are religious fanatics who don’t really know what they’re talking about, don’t work in the real world and are just making up/exaggerating the benefits. He even wrote a “Rebuttal of all the Supposed CSS Benefits”, that I find just hilarious.

However, one thing his ramblings do highlight, is the need for better explanations, with real world proof (proper examples, not conjecture), as to why developers should migrate their presentation code to CSS.

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